A cascade of static swirls and forms into the shape of Incognito before your
Kingfox [to JimCarroll]: The vote's for a toading of JC and a week celling
 cool off period for Bungle.
You nod your assent.
You junk your pack of Marlboro Reds.
Incognito says, "You've mentioned before that 'we all probably hate you now'
 and that's not the case. We're just tired of the conflicts that arise when
 you break the rules, and rather than continue yelling at you about it, we
 figured it would be best this way."
Kingfox [to JimCarroll]: See you in the cell.  *wave*
You say, "Hold on a second."
You stand up.
You say, "Just lemme go out like this."
JimCarroll walks over to the wall and removes a blindfold and one cigarette
 from his pocket tying the blindfold over his eyes and placing the cigarette
 between his teeth.
JimCarroll lights the cigarette and takes one last drag.
Kingfox exclaims, "Ready!"
Kingfox exclaims, "Aim!"
You exclaim, "I regret I have but one bit to give for my game!"
Have a nice life...
*** Disconnected ***