More ways to Interact with Your
Fellow Man


Tech 9


Baseball Bat



Steyr AUG-LA


The AK-97. Seen here with an extended clip
and seen here without.

The TECH 9. One weapon we don't have in
the game that I really want. Mostly
cause it one of the more widely used ones in
my home town of Buffalo New York.

A truncheon
General stick of a thousand beatings.

Baseball Bat. Another general beating weapon

Oh you know you wanna rip through someone with one of these.

Though I've not seen this weapon since the reset it's a classic. Odviously it's a flame thrower.

Razorclaws. I was tempted to use
a picture of Wolverine's hand but this
seems somehow more realistic
(Oh yes when you get into this game things
like razorclaws become something that has
to be looked at realistically)

The Steyr AUG-LA