"it doesn't matter if you win or lose. I matters if I win or lose."

More Weapons

FedArms .44 magnum

XTech Cross Bow

SIG Sauer P-10

H&K MP-19

G-11 Rifle

wR-InK .44 mamba

Dailung Stinger .25

Beretta 9mm

IMI Desert Eagle


More stuff


The Fedarms .44 magnum
A starter gun that has been getting more and more play
as stats become more important then what gun you actually use.

XTech Crossbow

The SIG Sauer P-10
Arguibly the most powerful handgun in the game.


H&K MP-19
This bad boy was Necrosis' weapon of choice
For a long time during the reign of SMGs

The G-11 rifle
Also a H&K design. Nice lookin huh?
Guess you don't really think about these guns
as much more then words on a screen sometimes.


wR-InK .44 mamba
One of the perks left over from the
days of simon.

Dailung Stinger .25


Beretta 9mm pistol

If it's good enough for James Bond
It's good enough for you.

The IMI Desert Eagle

A fine pistol by Israel Miltary Industries.
Yes the gun and the company do exist.