"Things to do in Denver when your dead"

Places to go in The Warehouse District

Just a few places to go.



If your new to the city you should come here.
KingPin will offer you a job when you come in the door at the right times
and if you nod in acceptance he'll give you a paper bag to you to deliver somewhere in the city.
This is a great way for new people to make money since it require no skill, almost zero personal danger,
and allows you to get a feel for the city.

help map

Is a good tool for when you wanna see where you have to take the bag.

Also see Intrigue in the downtown section.

Curiousity Shop

In the curiousity shop you can find the stores.

Also here you can find cyberdocs and competitiors for DTV.

Both of which are pictured above.

Nga's Car/AV Emporium

Batttle tanks to motocycles can be found here.

Hole In The Wall

In the northeast corner of the city you can find a hole
in the wall which will lead into the savage
hot and barren sands of the wastes.

Porno Theatre

I swear I was on the mafia hit when I went there.

Gear Galore

A player run store. The head of the NCRG
New Carthage Reseller's Guild.
Weapons, armor, and devices of all
shapes and sizes are sold here.


A deary stretch of dockside
where you can get drugs, laid, or killed...
sometimes all three.


A beach, a pier, some lady strollin the shore.
That's all I've ever found.

Alice's Restaurant

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant
excepting Alice.

New Carthage Transiant Hotel

Free cramped sleeping accomidations