"Stop thinking so much
any ten year old boy knows the important thing
is to blow stuff up."



With the amount someone took to make this you should read it.


Theme of CyberSphere

CyberSphere is a post-holocaust cyberpunk role-playing game set in the
battered fortress of San Diego, now officially known as New Carthage. New
Carthage is one of the few remaining strongholds of civilization in the
wastes of the North American southwest. The residents of this futuristic
city have survived riots, global war, natural disasters, and full-scale
invasion. Between the towering walls of New Carthage are hordes of unwashed
masses who would sell their mother for a good pair of shoes.

The class struggle that exists within New Carthage is more violent and obvious
then many other so-called modern cultures. Giant fortresses of steel and
glass throw long shadows over the rest of the city, desperate forgotten
members of society living their lives underneath the might of the
megacorporations. Street trash, violent gangs, deckers, and freelance
mercenaries clash with each other and the corporate giants. Often, they
clash between each other as mere puppets, tools of their corporate masters.
What appears as a simple gang turf war is often a power clash between two
megacorps, an opportunity to muck with each other's holdings and test out new
products in action. Gangs form and dissipate like beads of mercury, leaving
wide paths of destruction like Sherman's March. The dangerous streets of New
Carthage claim victims by the minute, random citizens getting pulled into
alleys or sewer tunnels, never to see the smog-clouded sun of New Carthage

again. The downtown streets are markets of flesh and Illegal wares, conflict
and business rippling through the masses in waves.

In the northern part of town sits the mighty hulks of old factories and
warehouses. Hordes of corporate cogs march to work long shifts, the masses
lining up to have their spirits and lives milked for the bare minimum to
survive on. They trod past the gangers, the drug dealers, and the alternate
members of the Darwinian struggle for survival, the millions of people
trapped within the square walls of New Carthage.

Above the lines that mark the official Northern border of New Carthage sprawls
Nirvana, a dark den of smugglers and crime. The drugs that supply New
Carthage's desperate masses, that allow them to escape from their pathetic
dreary lives, are grown and processed in the murky underground tunnels of
Nirvana. The surplus of Dreamweed is exported through the docks, funding the
black markets independent from the noose of the megacorps. Lurking in the
shadows of Nirvana lie many dangerous and mysterious groups, from the
Crosspatchers to the Massikim. Shadowy deals are made, flesh and technology
auctioned off by the shiphold.

Below the southern walls of New Carthage is the battered Old City, unrepaired
since Zero Day. The twisted remains of humanity and life exist on a day to
day basis, easy prey to the downtown gangs. Hideous mutants from the atomic

war hide underneath the streets, easy victims to those humans who seek to
purify the race.

Even more devastated is the wastes that lie outside the walls of New Carthage.
Savage groups of nomadic wanderers brave the wastes, scavenging the goods
needed for survival. Beasts altered by the environment prey on unwary
travellers, and strongholds of those who do not want to be found exist out in
the radiated plains.

Behind the bulk of the mighty 'Money Wall', glistening towering monuments of
power and wealth display the opulance of the megacorps. Giant multinational
corporations, the real controllers of the population beyond any remnants of
government, fuel the economy that keeps New Carthage walking on the taught
tightrope between complete anarchy and complete fascist control. The
manicured streets of the corporate sector is a completely different world,
perfect lives with perfect corporate control. From time to time, the
violence of New Carthage breeches the Money Wall, causing disaster to the
corporate crafted society. The corporate reaction to such a personal offense
is usually even more devastating, but not nearly as devastating to the
corporate bottom line.

Beyond the conflict between humanity and humanity is the struggle between man
and the machine. Downtown ripperdocs slap in machine, replacing the weak

flesh until the flesh is overpowered by the force of the machine. Hiding in
cafes and cheap apartments, deckers scour the matrix, the internet hackers of
the future. They spend their lives in the virtual reality of the net,
scouring the corporate databases for valuable data to support their addiction
to technology and speed.

Thrown into this mix of humanity is you. As a player on CyberSphere, you must
direct your character through the streets and alleys of New Carthage. There
is no winning on CyberSphere. There is no ultimate goal, save survival.
Whether you chose to make a decker, a thief, a scavenger, or a mercenary, you
must find your own path and carve out your own niche for survival within the
game. There are many options within the game to make money, and those who
are more creative can invent their own sources of income for survival. Over
the past years, characters have become therapists, pilots, cab drivers,
shopkeepers, politicians, reporters, bartenders, and more. Above all,
remember this is a game.

You are here to enjoy the game along with the other players. There will be
ups and downs in the game. You will spend years crafting a well-detailed
character who is a major part of the city, only to have everything you care
about and own torn away from you. Remember, this is just a game.
Furthermore, other characters are players, living breathing people like
yourself. While this is a game, it is a role-playing game. As you type your

actions, remember that you are playing a character, representing their role
within the game. At all times you must act out your role within the world,
acting as the character you have thought up would act. Whether you chose to
play a street bum, or a dealer in illegal goods shuttling back and forth
between Bangkok and New Carthage, you must speak as that character. Do what
that imaginary character would do, keeping the theme and their personality in

For more information about the game, please check out the CyberSphere webpage
at http://cs.vv.com, Graye's newbie help page at http://www.geocities.com/area