Eli "The Dread Pirate" Saba

I can't say enough about Eli's characters. From deckers to street brawlers this
guy has played them all and I've had the priviledge of being able to roleplay with a lot
of them. Some of my favorites have been Miranda (the emotional unstable kick ass lesbian
cyberdoc my character Necrosis fell in love with), Nick Leary (IRA throw back and pseudo-
brother to Necrosis), Devi (Full name Devine Luminescent Rainforest Moret, a meglomanical
french bitch of a decker and one of the few people Bungle ever counted as a friend), and of course
a slew of other great personalities that I won't take time to mention.

Eli still remains one of the shining examples of how code can change but good roleplayers
are good roleplayers, and they'll always keep you coming back for more.