below are a few text files from the text based world.
Check'm out.


Graye's Downfall

A terrorist group called the Son's of Mercy have been plaguing the city of New Carthage
releasing a deadly poisonous acidic radioactive poison gas. Bungle (my character)
has discovered that the Sons Of Mercy is actually a red herring. Graye is the real man behind
the attacks. Graye was one of the oldest characters in the game.
But as he says in this log "No one remains in the city, only the city remains."

Killing Rebecca

The scene: Mihelina, Boreon and Vladislav, three members of the Russina mafia,
are standing on Pullman drive with Rebecca, an NCSP officer,
and Nancy, a member of a street gang called The Jerks.
Mihelina had been killed earlier in the day by one of Rebecca fellow officers, Lysidis.
The Russians demand retribution.
(Got this log from a friend of mine. From Mihelina's POV)

Death Of Longshot

After Longshot's first visit to the BioLab in the wastes he became
a host for some kind of genetic parasite, a bioweapon.
Now Bungle is called to band together people to go out to
the very same lab and take Longshot down.

I Got @Toaded

For a short time I had a GM bit.
I was not very good at it.
Then I used my GM bit to see if a corporate
ahab had a blue debit card I could steal.
In addition I did a lot things that were against policy or just bad judgement.
So my GM bit got toaded. And rightly so. Here's the last thing JimCarroll saw.

Returned Toads

Speaking of toads. This post was made in Meta News apparently following the
toading of someone who was apparently worse then me. I don't post this because
of the toading though it's just that every now and then Kingfox says some things
I totally agree with. Espically the bit about having fun.
Plus I get a kick out of my old character's name at the end.