[-] [1303]---From: Kingfox at Thu Dec 6 5:39pm 2031---
[-] Subj: Returned toads
[-] This is just a friendly reminder by Kingfox, one of the
[-] head admins, someone who can @toad you if he thinks it
[-] would be right to do so. @toad you as in remove your
[-] access from ever playing the game under that account
[-] again, and make it so that if you are ever caught on here
[-] again - that new account gets @toaded as well.....
[-] Believe me, noone is truly imaginative. People always
[-] make high-stealth deckers, or people with disgusting
[-] histories over and over, etc... returned toads are easy to
[-] spot.
[-] The reminder is... we don't @toad people over small
[-] potatoes. And if you're caught allowing a returned @toad
[-] to log in as you, harboring someone you know is a returned
[-] @toad, etc... you're likely to get kicked off the game as
[-] well.
[-] There was someone toaded recently, someone who has messed
[-] up and been told about it thirty-eight times. No, I
[-] didn't typo that one. I spelled it out just to make sure
[-] noone misses that. 38. Like .38 special. Celled in the
[-] spring, told it was his last chance after breaking a
[-] serious rule on 5/30, warned about guest abuse on 6/11,
[-] newted on 7/14 for a week after a rules violation, 8/7 did
[-] something he did on 7/23 and 6/11 and was warned about all
[-] over again, 8/8 got newted again for a week, 8/19 gave out
[-] OOC info about a player he knew IRL, late august emoted
[-] exits then used a different exit to cheat, 9/1 made a sim
[-] hunter - got the head for his prior character (a simulant)
[-] and tried to turn it in... newted for a week. On 9/19
[-] celled for a week again for breaking the same rule broken
[-] in spring. On 9/25 started killing newbies because he was
[-] 'bored IRL'. 9/26 logged on as a guest to harass people.
[-] 10/3 responded to think commands. 10/7 'knew' everything
[-] about his death.
[-] Early November, logged on as a guest after dying -
[-] something he was warned and punished for before. 11/13,
[-] gave his starting cash away to the same person a half
[-] dozen times, using tier 1 chargen to rip off the welfare
[-] fund. 11/21 paged an admin 3 times, @panic'd, and paged
[-] another admin over and over about an ahab holding an item.
[-] 11/21 asked the admin about something... didn't like the
[-] answer, asked another admin... not knowing we talk to each
[-] other. 11/16... promised not to do anything bad or be a
[-] dick to admin again.... 12/5, died... and threatened a
[-] 'IRL friend' into 'letting' him log on as them and com
[-] buddies OOCly. And finally got toaded. Since then, the
[-] person's logged back in to beg his way back on, asking for
[-] one more chance..... the one more chance that we've been
[-] telling him he's had since June. The person has convinced
[-] yet another person into using their account, and used
[-] their account to tell us off yet again. At this rate - we
[-] might end up blacklisting or even redlisting that subnet.
[-] We're not a bunch of megomaniacal power-mongering assholes
[-] who administrate this game to give us a rush of power when
[-] we lay down the iron fist of death on someone. I
[-] personally don't get a rush when I hit @toad. I actually
[-] feel bad... one more player that can't enjoy CS, one more
[-] player that won't be coming back, another person who the
[-] admin have voted off the island. I want this game to have
[-] people. Lots of people. Playing together, and having
[-] fun. The admin aren't paid to be here. We're not paid
[-] babysitters. We're volunteers, who do this out of the
[-] love we have for CS. When you continue to disrespect the
[-] rules laid down after being warned dozens of times, when
[-] you tell us to fuck off after we punish you after giving
[-] you many many many chances, when you continue to do things
[-] you've been asked nicely not to do..... you really lower
[-] your chances of ever getting 'one more chance'.
[-] The aforementioned naive infantile pimple has gotten too
[-] many 'one more chances'. I've voted for them to NOT be
[-] kicked off CS many times. I've thought that they could
[-] become a great player, role playing or at least playing
[-] without pissing on the rules and the admin all the time...
[-] and I was wrong. Now when that person asks for just one
[-] more chance, I get the urge to tell them to visit the
[-] online 'get back on CS' form at www.comp-u-geek.net... oh,
[-] don't go there by the way. I get the urge to send them
[-] every spam mail I've gotten in the past year. I get the
[-] urge to contact their service provider and tell them that
[-] someone's attempting to gain illegal access to our system
[-] from their system. But I don't. I say, `Sorry, you've
[-] had many chances, the admin have voted.'... and just take
[-] in the barrage of `fuck you fags'.
[-] We're not going to kick you off CS for the hell of it.
[-] Realize that. And, from that, realize that anyone we have
[-] kicked off CS probably deserved it. If you feel that
[-] someone really didn't deserve it, talk to us. One person
[-] toaded unfairly a couple of years ago has been allowed to
[-] return, the admin voted that his toading was unfair. But
[-] that person had friends logged on, and contacted the admin
[-] without logging on. He waited a year, and asked nicely,
[-] and didn't say `fuck' a dozen times. So if we don't kick
[-] people off on a whim... and people can get back on if the
[-] toading was unfair and they ask nicely... realize that if
[-] you're letting a returned @toad back on, or not reporting
[-] one, you're helping someone who's gotten far too many `one
[-] more chance's get one more chance. And you will be
[-] punished.
[-] CS is a game. It's supposed to be fun. I've seen far too
[-] many great productive administrators who have created
[-] beautiful wonderful shit for the game leave because a pack
[-] of assholes have turned them into bitter shells who log on
[-] to CS out of a sense of duty instead of a sense of
[-] enjoyment... and when they realize this, they depart CS
[-] for good. I don't want to see another bitter admin leave
[-] CS for good. This is a game. It's supposed to be fun, a
[-] hobby, something that the players and the admin spend time
[-] on because they love it and enjoy it. Whether you use CS
[-] as an escape from a horrible family life, a boring job, a
[-] pathetic lack of a social life, or as a more intellectual
[-] and creative form of entertainment then other things....
[-] whether you do it to raise your social bar or your fun
[-] bar, you're supposed to be coming here for fun. It's a
[-] game. Forget that, and you forget was CS is all about.
[-] Now stop reading my bitter fucking rant and go fucking play
[-] the game. Go to Junktown and explore, go to Jin's Noodles
[-] and @rpstart, or be a decker and post fake NCPK posts to
[-] anonymous about Necrosis and Achilles buggering each other
[-] in the afterlife. Whatever. Go play. Go enjoy the
[-] fucking game. Now. Or I'll @toad you all.
[-] KF
[-] -------
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