(or the player formally known as mr.simon)

Although mr.simon left his mark on the city with his
deeds, and even going so far the fact that if you're looking for a gun now-a-days
you might run across a wR-InK mamba which was created by simon's company,
DeCon has made some memories of his own.
I have to respect at -least- this one thing I saw him do.
The Syndrome put a 5 million dollar blacklist on him because he threw a
thermite grenade into the bar and killed a bunch of patrons
persuing a suspect as an NCSP officer.

So the administrators had this fine put on him.
And of course he couldn't pay it.

So he went in the Syndrome, blew up the gun turret/disco ball
shot the bouncer in the head, leaned over the bar and ventilated Mick.

It was the first time I ever heard administrators whine.

He told'm to deal with it IC'ly.