Club XS. Formally the property of Mr_E.
Necrosis somewhat inheritted it.
A strip club, a dance club, an Irish Pub.
Depends on the mood of the people in it.


Club XS
Pounding through the club, the deep thud of bass pulses through the floor and
walls, sending the screaming beat of the music alive throughout the club.
Lights flash and fade, lancing through the air as they strike and bedazzle,
setting the entire eastern end of the club alight. Rising about five feet
from the floor, a large stage runs out from the eastern end of the north
wall. Figures spin and twist onstage, their flailing movements lost in the
haze of light and sound. Pressed together, dancers cover the floor, a mass of
faceless bodies vanishing in the throng. The western end of the club lies in
almost total darkness, with only the occasional light piercing the shadows.
The black ebony off the bar, shines and glistens as the lighting dances
across it's surface. The booth is invitingly empty. A menu hangs
behind the bar between the rows of drinks. A sign has been mounted
near the door to the lounge. A Vending Machine is set against the
between the lounge and gaming room doors. A Kensai Full-Sized TRI-V
is attached to the wall here. To the right of the bar, tucked away in a dark
corner, sits the NCI Lottery Terminal. A sturdy U-Stor It armored
box stands here, dutifully guarding its contents. A framed picture is bolted
to the wall here labelled PHOTO1 Another photo hangs next to it labelled
PHOTO2 A set of stairs in the far corner leads downward with a sign above
that reads, "Rental Cubes".

Bubba is leaning back against a wall, his eyes slowly roving across the
crowd, picking out troublemakers. Blaze is standing behind the bar, his
hands a blur of bottles as he moves from patron to patron.

You can go northeast (ne, lounge), east (e, gaming room), and south (s).


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